Size Does Matter

I was awoken by the sound of the postman trying to shove a package through our letterbox that was clearly too big for the slot, he could have buzzed the buzzer, but he was determined that the package was going to fit through the slot. In his defense he did manage to force the package through, but in doing so he pushed the front flap of the letterbox inwards and bent it in half so it could not come out.

Because it was now letting in a draft, and my dad gets pains in his back when there is a draft, I contacted the council and the poor woman who answered my call had no idea what to do, I waited on the line for at least twenty minutes as I heard her clicking on various files and then sorting through paper files to try and find out if they could repair it.

After not finding anything she said that they will repair it because my dad is a senior citizen and disabled. I made a joke about wanting credit if they decide to update the files thank to my unique repair inquiry.

In the mean time I taped a bit of cardboard over the letterbox to stop the draft, this had the added bonus of stopping the huge amount of junk we get, I laughed to myself as I saw people walk up our path and then see the cardboard and leave with confused looks on their faces.

I could not resist writing a sarcastic note on the cardboard for the postman to read next time he comes.

Photo by zaid zolkiffli from FreeImages

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