Should Have Stayed In Bed

I was hoping that I could get to the end of 2011 without any more shit being thrown at me, but Mother Nature must be a monkey of some kind because she really enjoys throwing her shit at people and me in particular!

I was awoken this morning by my dad calling me, normally he wants me to get him a glass of water but this time he just kept shouting “come here”. As I walked into his room I could not be prepared for what I saw if I had been 100% awake. His bed had given up and collapsed underneath him.

As I approached the shouting mound of pillows and bedding my sleeping brain was still trying to figure out what had happened. I eventually found him and pulled him up and then went back to bed for about 30 seconds before I heard a crash.

He had forgotten about the broken bed (despite only getting out of it 30 seconds earlier) and had sat on it to get dressed and fallen through it again. Later on when I had a look at it I found that he had split the long piece of wood that ran along the middle of the bed holding in the wooden slats.

The day got worse, I went to the Post Office to pick up my dad’s money for him, while I was in there I paid his rent as well. I stupidly wasn’t paying attention and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised I was £120 short.

I kept recounting it and wondering if I had left some money in another pocket but I hadn’t. I then thought that two things had happened:

1. I had paid £120 on the rent card instead of £12.00.

2. The old man at the Post Office short changed me by £120.

When I go to the Post Office for him I always ask for a balance first and then I take out what he asks me to so I then have two receipts to give to him, one before I take the money out and one after. I don’t know why but I didn’t watch the old man count the money and I forgot to ask for a receipt to prove money went on the rent card.

I won’t know for sure until I have phoned the council tomorrow to check. I phoned them today but they told me to phone tomorrow as the transaction hadn’t gone through yet.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings now…

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