Shopping To Avoid The Family!

I forced myself to go clothes shopping today, I just wanted to get out of the house because I was told that my aunt was coming to see my dad and I can’t really be bothered with the whole family thing these days. All they do is nag and moan at me anyway because at my age I have managed not to father a herd of chavs like the rest of my family.

I got myself a new pair of jeans (that actually fit this time), a top with an amusing slogan on (This Is My Drinking Shirt) and I bought some socks and underwear as I had not bought any in a while.

It turns out that she and her pikey kids are coming up tomorrow instead, so it looks like I’ll be heading off to the local pub for a couple of hours tomorrow. One of them is old enough to drink so I had better nip off sharp or he will try and bum free drinks off me.

They are the kind of people who will come into your house and just start picking things up and asking if they can have it as they put it into their bags. (You don’t like this jumper do you? I’ll give it a good home)


I sorted out my broadband today, I am leaving PlusNet and will be joining the merry customers at Bt Yahoo on April 13th. Until then I am having to use creaky old dial-up again.

Photo by cop richard from FreeImages

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