Shit-Stained Garments!

I am really annoyed today!

On Friday I brought some new clothes. When I got home I noticed that on both pairs of jeans there were big faint brown stains on the bum area. I think it was shit!

You know when you drop something on your top and you don’t get it in the wash in time and it leaves a faint stain? That is what I have on both jeans!

Saturday morning I went to the shop and asked for a refund and showed them the brown stains that were on the jeans. They refused to give me a refund despite the fact that I showed them my receipt and all the tags were still connected.

The manager came out and everyone was staring as I started shouting about how dare they sell me clothes with dried shit stains on them. People started leaving the shop in disgust and they asked me to come into the back room.

The manager told me that they could not give me a refund as it was store policy and that they could only give me store credit, I was reluctant to take it because I was not sure what else would be stained with shit!

In the end it was either take the store credit or walk out with two pairs of shit-stained jeans that I could NEVER ever wear. I exchanged them for a couple of tops but I was really angry that they could do this.

Yesterday I decided to attend training at Acton Town. Jayson took me aside and explained to me that there had been a mix-up and they had changed the training times but had forgotten to let me know about it.

Mark Stone has been put in charge of fitness training at the club and he really put us through our paces yesterday! I almost threw up and a lot of others did not even make it round in one piece, they had to keep stopping. Being incredibly hot did not help either.

I really enjoyed it though and I hope this is a regular thing because it is this type of training that will not only get us fitter but it will sort out the men from the boys. I got home and promptly fell asleep on my bed for about nine hours.

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