Shit Can’t Stop Me Now

I did a seven mile training run today. I was supposed to do it on Monday, but I pushed it back until Wednesday and then pushed it back again until today. Well today was going to be the day that I finally did it. No excuses.

I managed about 4 miles nice and easy when suddenly I needed to stop for a shit. The problem with Victoria Park is that there are not many toilets due to cuts forcing the park to close most of them. I was well past the toilets next to the well known Pavilion Cafe and the toilets in the playground were shut. I knew there were two pubs nearby and went to them both but they were both shut for renovations and stocktaking!

I was just about to contemplate jumping into a bush when I noticed a building in the distance, turns out there is a new cafe in the park that I had not noticed before, it was called The Hub and they are my savours because not only were they open but they allowed me to use their toilets without buying anything.

I wasn’t going to allow myself to call the run off though, I had paused my running app and when I had finished I resumed the app and continued with my run. It’s amazing just how much easier it is to run when you have just had a clear out.

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