Sevenths 3 Acton Town 5

Days left till holiday: 90!

Today’s game was at the same ground that we played on yesterday against FC Tillburg Regents but this time we had to play a team called Sevenths (they are a church team) and we had to do it in the bloody snow!

I decided that I was OK to make my own way to the ground hopefully knocking an hour or so off my overall journey (this also includes waiting at Ealing Broadway for the others to finally arrive) I ended up bumping into the guys at the G1 bus stop outside Clapham South anyway but it meant I had an extra couple of hours in bed. :)

We started the game with ten men as Jeff was being his slow lazy self but Sevenths (funnily enough) started the game with only seven players.

We ended up winning the game 5-3 (at one point we went 3-1 and were pegged back 3-3).

Their number seven (what is it with the number seven today?) was being a bit of a dick and winding up a lot of our players so I calmed them down and then went over and gave him a bit of his own medicine which he did not like.

We had a new defender called Daniel who decided for the first 45 minutes he was not going to have no captain telling him what to do and it meant we conceded three goals. There are players missing (Zico, Daryl, etc) who will give him what for and put him in his place.

This was probably the only time I actually felt like asking not to be captain anymore. But in the second half I started being stern and was not asking him but I started telling him what I wanted him to do.

Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay

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