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I have been secretly dieting again. It is something I haven’t spoken to anybody or written about on social media because people tend to try and piss all over anything positive that I try and do these days. The new diet I’m following involves fasting once a week for 24 hours and today was my fasting day. I’m allowed to drink as much water as my body can handle, but not a single piece of food must pass my lips. Do you know how hard that is when you make food for someone three times a day?!

I managed it though, and not only that but I also managed to fit in a bloody intense weight workout and I also put in a very good training session with a football team I’m training with called Custom House Community FC – a nice bunch of lads who have agreed to let me train with them in order to get fitter for the forthcoming season. Maybe I should fast before training sessions more often.

It is a nice feeling being a couple of weeks away from being 36 years of age and still being able to outplay a lot of people half my age – although one of the players in a training match did some ludicrous skill against me. He caught the ball on the side of his foot and span 360 degrees before releasing it over my head, we all thought it was cool but he decided to embarrass me further by doing it TWO more times, so I trod on his foot as my small act of revenge and made him sit out for 10 minutes, he didn’t do it again.

My foot held on better than I expected, although it is very sore and a little bit red and swollen now.

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