Saturday’s Alright (For Falling Asleep In A Pub)

Saturday night I went to The Ben Crouch pub (formerly known as The Gothic Pub) with Reiss and met up with Alfie, Will, Jenna & Lee. Someone that Reiss knew was having a little birthday party in there, I felt really out of place but was OK watching the Sky Sport News channel on the television.

Jenna was applying some make-up to her lips to make them swell up, I made a joke about punching her in the face as this would make them swell up faster and it would save money on the make-up. Although Will laughed, and also some guy behind us, Jenna did not find it at all funny and probably thought I go around punching women in their faces. lol

There was a guy standing in front of me who just said “Move!” He wanted to sit down but did not want to walk around the back of me, where there was a whole row of chairs, I told him this was my seat and to find his own seat. I had to move my chair so he could go around the back and sit down, another example of me causing trouble I see. 🙂

We moved on to a pub that Reiss has been banging on about in his Blog called The New Intrepid Fox. I had to stop off at McDonald’s as I had not eaten all day and was bloody hungry. I had never been in there before and I found it quite cool, especially the music they were playing, but I was almost dead on my feet due to a mega-long training session earlier in the day and ended up leaving without finishing my pint!

Reiss was knackered as well and did not need to be persuaded to accompany me on the journey home. I stopped off at a chip shop and got some chips as I did not feel like cooking when I got home.

I certainly liked The New Intrepid Fox and would like to go back there when I’m not falling asleep on my feet.

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