Sacrilegious Sunday

I managed to figure out how to wire money to my girlfriend today so she can pay the carpet man to come round and lay carpet and underlay in two rooms, I wasn’t sure if it would go through or not because we have different banks and it didn’t ask me to put down the name of her bank, but these computers obviously know what they are doing and it went through almost instantly.

I also managed to secure a sweet deal on Ebay for a hardly used bedroom suite, the blurb on the page said it was owned by an old lady who hardly used it and I couldn’t help wondering if the person flogging this old lady’s belongings used to work as a car salesman.

I was on a roll because I also secured a man & a van to pick up and deliver the bedroom suit from Barnsley to Wythenshawe (some 40 miles) for only £50.

I didn’t even have to force myself to go for another run, my legs felt tired from the 30-minute run out at football the day before, but I still managed a couple of miles before I gave up and hobbled home.

It was during my post-run shower that I noticed that the bastard who went in on me with his studs yesterday had left a large bruise, I’m now feeling slightly better about elbowing him in the throat.

I also managed to get quite a lot of work done, which I sure made God very angry, I can just picture him sitting up on his cloud looking down at me as I spend my Sunday working instead of worshipping him. Will I be put to death for this act of defiance (Exodus 35:2)?

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