Sacrilege & Spartan Warriors at the Bridgehouse

I think I must hold the record for the fastest time to lose an umbrella. I bought an Umbrella and had it in my possession for about four hours before leaving it on a bus – I didn’t even get to open the blasted thing!

Custom House threw away the game today in a cup match against Cowley Community. They took the lead THREE times, I didn’t get to play today, but my shinpads and boots did as I lent them to two people, so you could say I played as a midfielder and a striker today!

Myself and Wayne decided to check out a gig at Bridgehouse that is owned and managed by the manager of Custom House, I’d checked out the two bands that were playing – Spartan Warrior and Sacrilege – and thought it might be enjoyable, I was bang on the money, it was a top night that was topped off by watching a James Cordon look-a-like fall face first into a pint glass.

It was a shame that there was only about 15 people at the gig, these two bands were very entertaining and deserved a lot more people there than that. Sacrilege have been around since the 80s and when they took to the stage only about five of us stayed to hear them. I don’t think you can blame it on the club being tucked away which it is).

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