Rusted Toilet Seat Screws

I don’t know how but I managed to get the bathroom cleaned up and the woodwork cleaned and sanded last night in order for the painting to commence today. Despite my confidence this was my first attempt at painting a room on my own, I have only ever painted rooms before with people there to help me and take over once I become bored.

I thought I had brought everything with me that I could possibly need but upon opening the can of paint I discovered that I did not have anything to stir the paint with. I am incredibly resourceful and my girlfriend and I hunted through the flat for something to use and we found a sex toy that her son’s ex-girlfriend had left behind.

These things have more uses than the creator originally thought possible.

So with my girlfriend on refreshment duty I was left to get on with the job in hand and after a few hours I had finished the painting, and if I do say so myself I did a rather nice job.

While the walls were drying I decided to tackle the toilet, her son constantly pissing on the seat had rotted the wooden toilet seat and RUSTED the screws which hold it underneath, after much swearing and straining I managed to wrench the screws free and replace the seat. My girlfriend thought I was having a shit.

After cleaning myself up (which also involved my girlfriend wiping paint off my bald head) we went to see her daughter and grandson, he used to be love seeing me but now it is because of the games on my phone. I don’t even get a hello from him, the first words he says are “can I play on your phone?”

Tomorrow is glossing day, this is probably where I’m going to fail.

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