Russian Roulette in Cash Converters

What is the lowest price you would pay for something and take it back if it did not work? My youngest sister has taken things back to the local pound shop if they have not worked properly before, is this worth the hassle?

Today, before I ventured into Iceland to do the frozen food shopping, I decided to have a look in Cash Converters, a chain of shops where you can buy and sell pretty much anything that has some worth. I like going in here because you can pick up DVDs for a very reasonable price. It can be quite a sight watching a queue of people lining up outside waiting for the store to open clutching their kid’s toys that they are hoping to sell.

I bought the complete 6th series of Two Pints of Lager & A Packet of Crisps for a bargain price of £1.00, I don’t really watch the series but I have 1-5 so have this nagging urge to complete the set. The problem with buying CDs, DVDs and computer games from this shop is that the boxes are sealed so you can’t figure out what condition the discs are in until you get home.

When I got home I tried playing the DVD and it skipped every second, when I looked at the disc it was scratched to fuck. Do I take it back? They don’t give money back they will ask you to pick a different DVD, what if this one was scratched as well? How many times would you go back and forth exchanging scratched DVDs before giving up?

It is a bit like Russian roulette because this isn’t the first time I’ve bought DVDs from this store and been disappointed, I once bought The Mighty Boosh live DVD and it turned out to be the bonus disc that you get with Mighty Boosh series three! Do these people not check before buying them?

CEX in Dalston might charge more for their DVDs but at least they make sure they work before they sell them on,

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