After the fitness training I went through on Saturday with Acton Town, I decided that I needed to do some extra fitness training of my own to be fit enough for the new season. After all, I have paid to be part of the squad, and I intend to play as many games as I can until they replace me.

So, I put on a pair of shorts and went on a run along Regent’s Canal. I’m not sure how far I ran, but I did run for about 25 minutes before getting annoyed with my dog and coming home. When I got home, I felt brilliant. I used to be a very keen long-distance runner in my youth, and getting back out there again was great. I actually wanted to go right back out and run some more, but I didn’t want to injure myself.

I am going to give it another go on Tuesday, but this time I will leave the dog at home. She is old now and can’t handle too many runs over the park these days anyway.

I got so much work done today regarding Tapp Out Radio []. I finally caught up with the backlog of music submissions that I had been putting off for the past month or so, and boy was it hard downloading them with a poor dial-up modem! Tomorrow I am going to start contacting small A&R record labels and promotion companies to see if they have any bands or singers that would like some free exposure on our station. Probably on Wednesday, I will start my promoting campaign as we return to the air on Friday.

Photo by Paweł Zawistowski from FreeImages

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