Rugby Six Nations

I am what you might call a fair-weather fan of rugby. I do not follow the domestic leagues but I do watch a game either at home or in the pub when England are playing and I know I am not alone with this.

I am also one of those people that is unable to tell you what the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League actually is.

One of my favourite rugby tournaments is the Six Nations Championship. I actually enjoy this event more than the Rugby World Cup because it only has six nations in the competition and they are all decent sides and thus it is a much more exciting experience.

Sadly, unlike football, there is a lack of rugby news websites on the internet that cater for the Six Nations Championship (or indeed most leagues and competitions) so it is a good idea that you bookmark for future reference. is the official website for the Six Nations Championship and their site is crammed with information on the six countries that take part in the yearly tournament.

Obviously being the official site it has the very latest news, fixtures, results and league table but it also offers so much more such as interactive games to keep you amused for hours, video highlights, wallpaper for your computer and awesome podcasts.

With you will never have to go searching for another site ever again because it is all here for you. So try them out today.

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