Roxy’s Revenge

I stuck to my promise of not running today. I want to give my body time to recover from the shock of what I’m putting it through and I think it was grateful of the rest – not that it had that much of a rest because I did a couple of miles of walking.

I went to Sports Direct to buy some new gear for the race tomorrow, I received the t-shirt from Richard House this morning, but I wanted a few other bits to make me look like I know what I’m doing when I line up alongside more elite athletes.

When I got home and sat down my dog greeted me by head-butting me incredibly hard right across my right eyebrow. I’ve been hit hard in my time, but nothing like this. A trickle of blood travelled down my face and a lump immediately appeared on my brow – but I didn’t notice as I was too busy making sure I hadn’t done any damage to the dog’s head.

Was this revenge for me leaving her alone for two hours? Us men know only too well how angry women can get when we leave them alone and go off on our own for some peace and quiet, right fellas? Am I right fellas? Fellas!?

Not content with nutting me, later in the evening I told her to get off the bed and rather than jump down onto the floor she decided to jump onto my computer table and knock a full glass of Coca-Cola all over my laptop. I immediately lifted my laptop up and a cascade of liquid poured out onto the floor. Women certainly know how to hold a grudge, right fellas? Am I right fellas? Fellas!?

I have no idea how my laptop will fair. I dried it as best I could, but I might have to take all the keys off and give it a good clean at the weekend.

My right calf started to feel tight so I spent the evening soaking it in warm Radox water every hour for 15 minute sessions. I couldn’t find a basin or bucket that could reach up to my calves so I had to use the kitchen bin! I took the rubbish out first, I’m not an animal.

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