Rollforming Information Web Site

It always amazes me what you can find on the internet these days. There have been times when I have been looking for rare items and have found small web sites selling them or an auction for it on Ebay.

A friend of mine phoned me up today and asked me if I knew anything about where he could get roll forming equipment, my initial response was to tell him to look on the internet. I was not sure if there was much information for rollformers online but to my astonishment there was.

Thanks to the internet I was able to fin a company called Samco-Machinery that were able to help my friend with what he as looking for and I believe they helped him at a great price.

For those that are unaware of what rollforming is it is something used in engineering to put strips of metal (mostly steel) through sets of rolls, or stands. I had no idea either but I even had a peak at the Samco-Machinery site and was quite interested at the information contained on the site. They even have a blog.

So if you have stumbled across this blog and you find the idea of roll forming intriguing then why not have a gander at their site today.

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