Resistance Bands Are The Perfect Way To Start Working Out

There is a common thought process when it comes to working out at home, and that is that before you start you need to rush out and spend ridiculous amounts of money on fancy and shiny gym equipment just like they have at your local gym.

This is not true!

The truth is that many of us workout in the comfort of our own homes (or in my case from the comfort of a garden shed) with little more than a set of weights and a cheap bench – both things I picked up from Argos.

And if I’m being honest you don’t even need that.

If you are looking to lose some belly fat, tone up or build a little bit of muscle then you can do one of the plethora of bodyweight workouts that can be found online. These are workouts that you do with just resistance bands and bar – things you can pick up for a very reasonable price from sites such as BP5 Method.

When I first started working out I couldn’t afford to buy dumbbells and weights so I had to resort to doing workout with bands and bars and I must admit that I was surprised to see the results from merely using my own body weight.

Not only are they great for working out at home, but they are also perfect for taking your workout outside into your local park, they are also small and lightweight enough to take on holiday so you can workout while traveling.

And with another national lockdown starting today it is a perfect time to start your home workout and make use of the extra time you will be spending at home for the next month or so.

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