Repeatedly Dragged Back

How are you supposed to get over someone, pick up the pieces and move on with your life when that person, their family and their friends, keep contacting you by every possible method that has ever been invented?

It is safe to say that the break-up has hit me very hard, I’m barely holding my head above the water. Every time there seems to be a flicker of hope that I might be on my way to getting over this she, or someone connected with her, will get in touch with me and bring me back to square one again.

I’ve blocked pretty much everyone who talks to her on Facebook. I’ve blocked all but three people on MSN. I’ve blocked her email address. I have even tried barring her number and the numbers of her friends from my phone with mixed results.

She has given my number out to her friends and I have received voice-mails and text messages from them threatening me. I guess I could change my number but I don’t see why I should have to. To be honest I have never been a fan of mobile phones so maybe I should use this as an excuse to get rid of my phone?

During this time I have certainly found out just how childish a 60 year old man really can be.

I’m hoping that my little weekend away will help me. It’s not one of those fancy Orlando vacations that my wealthy sister went on recently but a weekend in Seaford might do me just as much good.

Three days of drinking, watching football, and maybe getting into the odd fight, could be just what I need to get my head together again. :)

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