Remote Controls & an Electrical Conspiracy

I think something might have happened in the flat lately, everything that is electrical seems to be breaking and needs various parts replaced. Washing machine, toaster, DVD player, CD player, televisions, they are all becoming ill at roughly the same time.

I’ve had to buy remote controls for the TV, DVD player & CD player in my bedroom. I’ve had to replace the batteries for the three remote controls that we use in the front room (DVD player, TV & Sky box). I’ve purchased some TV Parts to try and fix the old television that I keep in the shed.

I had to buy a new ‘thing’ for my CD player to try and made it read and play CDs again. Thee washing machine is giving off a foul smell when it runs and no matter what setting you put the toaster at it still burns the toast.

And as I’m writing this the battery on my laptop appears to me going. Laptop batteries cost a fortune to replace.

Does anything else want to die? Intercom system? 55-inch TV in the front room? Maybe the fancy lights we have in the garden would like to start randomly lighting on and off like a rubbish disco?

I shudder to think.

Photo by Paul Pasieczny from FreeImages

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