Reiss The Dog Winder Upper

I received a “friendly warning” from the council about my dog today. Basically when Reiss comes to my door he will stand and look in my bedroom window in order to wind up my dog and she goes into a barking frenzy.

Somebody has made a complaint about the barking that she does so Reiss, I know you read this, STOP WINDING MY DOG UP, YOU BASTARD!

Training was OK on Saturday. Kerry (the club secretary & Jayson’s girlfriend) has got a bit of an attitude with me lately for some reason, I’m not sure why but I am putting it down to her being on the blob – because I like fulfilling that stereotype that when a woman acts odd then she is on her period.

When we played South Acton two weeks ago I got annoyed at the way we were letting them fuck us up the arse (I love that terminology in football) and got changed, I asked her if she knew where the kitbag was and she just turned her back on me and said something like “I don’t care”.

When she asked me where I was going, and I said I was going home, she said “Bye then” in a really sarcastic tone.

When I went to training on Saturday she made numerous references to me looking like a tramp and about my hair, she actually had the gall to say that with her hair that looked like it had not been washed in months.

When it looks like it will rain I always bring white bin bags with me, this is for me to put my stuff in to keep everything nice and dry. This was something that I learned when I used to go camping as a child. Kerry again made references to me being a tramp.

When we were having a training match near the end I got a drink from my bag and plonked my bag with all the other bags. As I walked away Kerry said “I don’t know why you’re leaving your bag there for, I’m not looking after it”. All I could say was “I did not ask you to”.

After training everyone took refuge under a clump of trees whilst we got changed out of the rain, I took one of my bin bags out and used it to stand on so my feet and socks would not get soaked. Kerry sidled up to me and asked if she could use that bin bag to put on her head to keep the rain off.

I almost told her to fuck off but I just picked it up and gave it to her.


The recent floods have left hundreds of thousands of people homeless, what angered me was just how many of them had not bothered to insure their homes and are now actually demanding that the Government pay for the damage to their homes.

If you can not be bothered to take the time to insure your home then you deserve everything that you get!

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