Reiss Scared Away Richard Herring!

On Monday I went to The New Globe pub, in Mile End, with Reiss to watch Richard Herring perform a preview of his Edinburgh show. I was certain Reiss would enjoy the comedy styling of Mr. Herring but I was not sure if I could get the close-minded, penis doodling, sod to come along.

On the way to the show we passed some woman who said “I like your t-shirt” and Reiss immediately said something like “thanks” but the woman replied “No, not yours”. SHAME!

The compare (Tommy Mack) annoyed me by constantly putting the microphone on the stand and then removing it again and then banging it with his hand. During his act he asked if anyone had been mugged, I obviously laughed quite evilly because he looked at me and said “yeah, I remember that evil laugh” in an implication that I had mugged him.

I particularly enjoyed Ed Aczel, who just wonders on with no jokes and reads things off his hand and then gives his view on them “What can you say about the Spanish Armada? I’m not 100 per cent sure…” is just one of his lines. He came second in Comedy Idol, many believe he should have won it.

The other act was a newcomer called Toby French, who has the girliest hair I have seen since Snoop Doggy Dogg had that ludicrous perm!

But although they were good they were absolutely nothing compared to Richard Herring, I especially liked his gag about removing children from the world to stop paedophilia.

When the night had finished we went into the bar for a quick pint. Richard Herring came in and as he was sitting down he looked over at me, noticed my top and then nodded at me and I nodded back.

Reiss went over to talk to him and give him his expert opinion on how his performance went. Reiss then told him he wanted to be a stand-up comic and started going through his routine, and I know he did because Richard kept looking over at me and had this look on his face.

He was kind enough though to humour him and gave him a bit of advice, but I did notice that when Reiss came back Richard buggered off pretty sharpish. That’s right, Reiss scared off Richard Herring!

Reiss got talking to Toby French who despite being a West Ham fan came over as OK, I got annoyed at his mate though who was incredibly loud and rude, how many times did he need to tell me he was a Yeovil fan and why did he think I cared?

On the way home Reiss bought some onion rings and offered me a couple, I’d never had onion rings before but they were nice, I’ll be trying them again soon.

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