Reiss Looks Like A Penis!

I woke up Saturday morning and had probably only my fourth ever hangover and boy did I feel it. I was not sick, which is what normally happens because I have such a shitty immune system but I had obviously not drunk enough water and just felt ugh.

So I took my duvet into the front room and laid on the sofa with my dog, which pissed my dad off because now he can’t watch his one and only porn film that he thinks the whole family don’t know he has.

I was not going to go out but by the time Reiss phoned me I did feel a little bit better and we ended up going to a pub in Stoke Newington called The Daniel Defoe and meeting up with Jenna, Alfie and Wiiillll (points and wiggles finger in homage to Will MacDonald from TFI Friday).

I had not rehydrated myself enough before I came to the pub so I had to keep asking for the occasional pint of water with ice in. I’m sure I looked a rather odd sight as I necked a pint of water then hungrily grabbed a pint of beer.

Reiss does things sometimes that leave me astounded at. Jenna whipped out a writing book and was happily drawing people and Reiss decided he wanted to draw someone and then proceeded to draw a penis on her book. I have to say though it actually looked like Reiss, minus the hair.

I have started tying a jumper around my waist, whilst most people would assume that I am just taking a precaution in case it gets cold or starts to rain I can now reveal that it is an attempt to hide the fact that my bum is fucking huge!

I bored the arse off Reiss on the way home about George Galloway, that will teach him to bring up any subject relating to politics. I watched a couple more episodes of The Mighty Boosh as I fisted chips into my gaping mouth and then went to bed.

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