Reiss Is Turning Into Adrian (Part 2)

I made the short trip to Leyton to watch them take on Millwall. I wanted to go into the away end but the tickets were sold within hours of going on sale plus you have to hold a membership card and I refuse to buy one out of protest. So I did what about 500 odd Millwall fans did and purchased a ticket for the home end.

The Orient fans knew we were Millwall straight away and although there was lots of banter going back and forth there was no trouble until the police decided to wade into us and remove us with force. I personally thought it was a little extreme but I know better than to argue with the filth.

Against my better judgment I decided to meet up with Reiss last night. I had put his actions of the previous night down to the amount of alcohol he had consumed, I was to find out that this was a mistake.

Fox and Adrian were meant to be joining us (Fox’s wife is in India so he wanted to make the most of it) but apparently Fox wanted a night in front of the telly and Adrian is in and out of hospital with a throat problem.

I again roasted him on the pool table and he again yelled, screamed, stamped, drew on his arm with chalk and spilt his drinks over my clothing. I ended up going home early, mainly because I wanted to catch the Ricky Hatton fight but also due to Reiss being an arse.

Reiss made a joke Friday and yesterday about wanting to become the new Adrian. I’d say he is on his way to accomplishing this.

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