Rebellious Dog

I took my girlfriend’s dog for a walk tonight. As I do most nights I let her off the lead when we are on the grass and she wonders around and never goes too far from me. Except for tonight. Tonight she saw a dog across the road. Normally she will look and then continue with her sniffing. But tonight she decided to bolt across the grass, across the road and probably might have attacked the other dog. Thankfully the lady was quick to scoop her little dog up in her arms.

I told my girlfriend’s dog off and she spent the rest of the evening sitting downstairs. Not as a form of punishment, she is just not used to me raising my voice to her and was having a bit of a sulk about it.

For a while now I have been thinking about adding a regular sports massage to my running routine. Nothing too extreme, maybe once or twice a month. It will help me with my running by making my joints and muscles work better.

The thing that has been stopping me is the price of them, in London, you will struggle to find one for less than £75 and as someone who is currently on a very limited budget, I just can’t afford that kind of expense.

That was until I discovered that sites like Groupon and Woucher have some great deals available that will more than half the cost. Why pay £75 a time when I can pay £27.

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