Reason 196 Why I Hate The Daily Mail!

I have not said anything about the whole Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand/Andrew Sachs debacle that erupted a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I am not really that interested in anything that Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross do or say.

I am the very first person to admit that I have a pretty sick sense of humour, but it is not even remotely funny to phone up a 74 year old man and leave abusive messages on his answer machine about fucking his granddaughter.

As far as I am concerned if Brand and Ross are never allowed back onto our screens again it will be an absolute blessing. Brand is so untalented it is fucking unbelievable how he even manages to get work. And as for Ross, well his act became stale a long, long, time ago.

But I’m not actually annoyed at them, well, I am annoyed at what they did, but I’m far more annoyed at The Daily Mail for getting on their racist & homophobic high horse and making 18,000+ idiots complain about something that about 17,900 of them probably never even heard!

Not content with seeing Brand sacked from his radio show (and probably getting the boot from Channel four), and Ross being suspended without pay for three months, they are now taking it upon themselves to clean up television and are now picking on Frankie Boyle for saying the Queen’s vagina is so old it is probably haunted. No complaints were made until The Daily Mail started demanding their readers be offended by it!

The BBC should have told The Daily Mail to go and fuck themselves hard (as they normally do to their viewers anyway) but bending to the outcry of their (sic) readers will no doubt not only open the gates up to more of this but will also stoke the ego of the people that produce the hate-filled rag.

Oh and if you buy The Daily Mail then you deserve to be punched in the face repeatedly with a knife.

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