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Rank Widget Is a web site that I was directed to by someone who thought it might interest me. Basically they offer widgets for you to place on your blog that display various things such as your PageRank, your Alexa rating and so on.

After using their service for exactly one month I am sad to say that they are a complete waste of time as far as I am concerned.

Out of the 31 days that I had the widgets on my blog they only showed up for a couple of days and that was if I was lucky. In fact the only thing that showed up for the full 31 days were the little image under each widget with their web site address on it!

Their web site was no better, the amount of times that I visited their web site only to be confronted by an annoying Service Unavailable page was just plain stupid, this is one reason why nobody has told them because you can’t actually make it to their contact page due to the Service Unavailable page.

So I would steer clear of this web site if I were you.

Image by moritz320 from Pixabay

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