Random Mumblings

I went out and bought a strap for my hand today. The woman in the chemist said that the best one was this one that was ‘one size fits all’ type of thing. When I got home and tried it on I found that it is very tight on my hand, so tight in fact that if I leave it on for more than an hour my fingers turn purple and start tingling.

One size fits all my arse!


Reiss told me last week that he is finally starting to understand why I ‘don’t do relationships’.

Complete waste of time and effort if you ask me.


I received a letter this morning asking me if I would be interested in a stair lift.

Let us forget about the fact that I live in a flat (a place with no stairs) and concentrate on the fact that I actually received this in the first place … is this a sign that at 28 I’m considered an old fart who has trouble climbing stairs?

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