Quiet Week

I have had my two teenage nephews staying with us for the entire weekend and I have discovered something about them, they are a couple of filthy beasts who don’t shower or wash! They were here from Friday until Monday and not once did I see them shower or even wash themselves in the bathroom sink! They even looked at me funny for having daily showers.

It was a rather quite weekend for me, Saturday I went to watch Millwall take on Yeovil in our first game of the season, I wish I hadn’t bothered as despite bringing in SIX exciting new players, and a new manager with a bit of passion, we were absolutely dreadful and deserved to lose in the manner that we did.

On Sunday I went to Beckton to take part in pre-season training with Custom House FC, not a lot of people turned up so we had a little five-a-side game and then called it a day. Still it was nice to get another session under my belt, the fitness is slowly starting to creep back into me, although I did have a three hour nap once I got in!

I should be getting my exercise bike on Tuesday so I can really start work on my cardio workout. My Gym is starting to take some shape now, I’ve got a treadmill on order and a boxing punch bag and then I think I’ll be sorted. 🙂 I just have to stop my sisters from chucking everything and anything into the shed and filling it up with crap for the umpteenth time.

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