QPR Might Have Lost But I Took The (Verbal) Beating!

I can not believe how much hassle I caused by staying out for one night. I went to watch the Barcelona/Arsenal football game in a local pub in North London. I was also keeping myself up to date with the Millwall/QPR game that was also going on at the same time.

Millwall managed to end a seven game unbeaten run and batter the league leaders, sending the rich boys back to West London with a 2-0 score-line to look back and reflect on. I was in a great mood and decided to go on a bit of a session with the people I was with.

It was rather late so I crashed at someone’s house. When I got home all hell had broken lose. My dad was screaming at me for not picking up some gold coins that were delivered to his old address (we don’t have the keys anymore, staying out and had apparently phoned a few people and did their heads in by moaning about me staying out.

I don’t suppose the fact that I’m 32 comes into it at all.

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