Puppy Attacks! Puppy Attacks!

I could have quite easily have strangled my puppy tonight.

That is a slight exaggeration.

She is yet to know what is good and what is bad, I made myself something to eat and was bringing it into the front room to put it on the table when he jumped from the settee and lunged at me (in a playful manner) and she knocked the plate out of my hand and the contents spilled on to the carpet.

Not only this but the food was piping hot and it scolded my hand, I now have a very painful burn on the back of my hand. No sooner had the food hit the floor she was off the settee and happily eating it up thinking that she had landed herself a great master who cooks her nice yummy chicken!

I was really looking forward to that, I had to go back into the kitchen and start all over again and by the time I had cooked my new dinner I was not as eager to sample it as I was an hour previously!

Image by Mat Coulton from PixabayPuppy Attacks! Puppy Attacks!

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