Professional wrestling might not be deemed a ‘legitimate’ sport, but it undoubtedly constitutes a real industry that generates billions annually.

I’ve been covering professional wrestling since 2001, earning a reputation as one of the internet’s more informed writers on the subject.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Recaps

Smoky Mountain Wrestling was a professional wrestling promotion operational from October 1991 to December 1995. Owned by Jim Cornette, Sandy Scott, and Stan Lane, with financial backing from Rick Rubin, it hosted events across Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Below are reviews of their TV shows and PPVs.

– Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Recaps

Online Columns

Since 2004, I’ve been writing an online column titled ‘The Final Cut.’ This renowned column graced major professional wrestling news sites and was featured in several online newsletters.

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The Final Cut has appeared on the following sites & online publications at some point in time:

Wrestling Websites

Non-Wrestling Websites

Online Wrestling Publications

A1 Wrestling Newsletter
Essential Wrestling Newsletter
The Squared Circle Newsletter

Magazines & Newspapers

While professional wrestling might not be classified as a ‘legitimate’ sport, it remains a captivating industry. Beneath its public image lies a trove of potential news and feature angles for mainstream journalism: marketing, young wrestler fatalities, drug abuse, legal matters, and nostalgic retrospectives.

Unfortunately, numerous media outlets dismiss professional wrestling as unworthy.

Throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate to see my work featured in the following magazines:

PileDriver magazine
Total Wrestling magazine
Toxic Wrestling magazine
Wrestling Wrap-Up magazine

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