Professional wrestling may not be considered a ‘genuine’ sport, but it is certainly a genuine industry that racks up billions of dollars every year.

I have been writing about the subject of professional wrestling since 2001 and have carved a reputation for myself as one of the more knowledgeable writers on the internet.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Recaps

Smoky Mountain Wrestling was a professional wrestling promotion that ran from October 1991 until December 1995 and was owned by Jim Cornette, Sandy Scott, Stan Lane, and backed financially by Rick Rubin. They held shows in Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Below are reviews of their TV shows and PPVs.

– Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Recaps

Online Columns

Since 2004 I have been writing an online column called “The Final Cut”. The infamous column appeared on some of the biggest professional wrestling news sites and was also published in a handful of online newsletters.

– All Star Wrestling?
– The Rise of Backyard Wrestling
– 2004 Predictions
– The Yearly Roster Cull
– The Only Way is Up
– Thoughts On Vince McMahon’s ‘Parasite’ Rant
 Backyard Wrestling: The Ugly Side Of Wrestling
– Backyard Wrestling: Fan Feedback
– The Wrestling Channel Broadening UK Fan’s Minds
– Stars Of The Future
– WWE’s Eyes Are Bigger Than Their Belly
– Backyard Wrestling: The Debate Rages On
– No Wonder Wrestling Magazines Are Dying
– The Good, The Bad & The Absolute Stupid
– What Bradshaw Did Part 2
– If Things Fail, Blame Everyone Else
– Random Fodder #3
– Random Fodder #4

The Final Cut has appeared on the following sites & online publications at some point in time:

Wrestling Websites

Non-Wrestling Websites

Online Wrestling Publications

A1 Wrestling Newsletter
Essential Wrestling Newsletter
The Squared Circle Newsletter

Magazines & Newspapers

Although professional wrestling is not considered a ‘genuine’ sport, it is still a fascinating industry. If you overlook the image and reputation that the professional wrestling industry has then you will discover many potential news and feature angles for mainstream journalism. This could be marketing, death of wrestlers under 40, drug abuse, legal issues and even trips down memory lane.

Many media outlets wrongly think professional wrestling is beneath them.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have various pieces of work published in mainstream magazines.

PileDriver magazine
Total Wrestling magazine
Toxic Wrestling magazine
Wrestling Wrap-Up magazine

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