Private Humiliation Not Enough

So there I was last night listening to some hardcore on an internet radio station, trying to relax and have a mini stomp, when the DJ gave me a shout out. This is nothing out of the ordinary as I receive quite a few. What was weird is what it said.

“Shout going out to Dean ‘No Shoes’ Saliba. Flip flops are in the post mate.”

Thanks Kerry, as if my humiliation at your hands hasn’t been enough you now go and tell the listeners of a very popular radio station. Bitch!

I’m only joking. I did find it quite funny.

My back seems to be getting worse. I am due to go and see my doctor soon to get some more antidepressants, I think I might ask her what she can suggest I use on my back to help. They normally have a good idea.

I keep jumping in the shower and then putting on more cream but it only stops the itching and pain for about an hour or two before I have to do it again. It’s my own fault though for going topless in the sun without protection.

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