Pretending To Be Something I’m Not

Who was it who once said that “you can not pretend to be what you are not”? I have a feeling it might not have been anyone of significant importance but more just a saying that people spout at fakers.

I’ve tried to be nice and happy in general for the past three or four months but I think this might be me trying to be something I’m not.

I’m naturally grumpy and angry by nature, with this other people give me a wide birth and don’t take any (or many in some cases) liberties with me because they know what will happen.

But since I have tried being nice (mainly to prove to a certain person that I can be nice some of the time) I have noticed people taking liberties with me. Asking for cigarettes and money, verbally abusing me when I say no, making loud comments about my appearance, barging into me and not apologising

This past week when someone has asked me for money or cigarettes I have growled at them “No, now fuck off” and not one of them has called me a cunt or made a comment, and they have seen me after and never asked me again.

Fact is I’m not a nice person, ask people like Thespina and Reiss exactly what I’m like, they will happily tell you what an evil miserable fucker I can be at times, especially if I’m provoked into unleashing my acid tongue on you.

So lets leave that there and move on.

I bumped into Will and his girlfriend Vikki on Wednesday. I did not actually see them until they were right in my face, I tried to walk past them but Will grabbed me and demanded that I stop for a chat. I’d had a few drinks and a few joints so was not in the best frame of mind for a chat with someone I barely know.

What was weird was that he said that Vikki actually spotted me. The girl has never met me before and has only spoken to me via Facebook, and the profile picture I have looks nothing like me now.

At the end of the month I’m going to splash the cash a bit and treat myself to a PS3. I’ve never owned one before but my brother used to bring his down and even left it here a couple of times so I could play FIFA and Raw Vs. Smackdown (or Smackdown Vs. Raw, or how ever it is pronounced).

Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

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