Precast Concrete Brings Back Memories

I recently bumped into someone who used to teach me when I was at boarding school, I remember her for both being a bit of a harsh person and having a husband who built her houses where and when she wanted them.

I swear every year she would move and he would build the house from scratch for her. Once he was building a house right opposite our school and I used to bunk off and go over and either watch him or help him do small jobs.

The one thing that I found odd was that he built parts of the house using something called Precast Concrete. I’ll be honest I had not heard of this before but he said it was a little bit of a secret even though it had been around for a while.

He told me that you can even get Precast Concrete Septic Tanks.

It was nice to see her again, she seemed pleased to know that I’m going back to Seaford at the end of the month, I wonder if her husband will be building another house while I’m there. I’d love to see if he still uses precast concrete in his structure. :)

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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