Plusnet Are Shite!

PlusNet are the biggest bunch of cunts in the ISP pool, and trust me that is some bloody achievement!

Last month I ended up in debt because PlusNet were trying to take the wrong amount of money from my bank account. They were supposed to take £31.99 but they were trying to take £63.98. This was an error with their computer which nobody bothered to sort out.

So they were asking my bank (who are also cunts!) for £63.98, and obviously there was not enough in the account at the time to cover that, so the bank would refuse it and then promptly charge me £35.00.

Rather than send me an email to let me know, PlusNet fucking tried a further four more times! Obviously the bank happily charges £35.00 every time so I was left with a debt of £175.00. Plus my bank then charged me another £45.00 for abusing my overdraft that month!

The direct debit was cancelled so I had to phone PlusNet and after being kept on hold for almost TWO FUCKING HOURS! I explained the situation to the bloke and all he did was piss himself laughing! I paid the £31.99 and he said he would set up the direct debit again for me and make sure this would never happen again …. AND I BELIEVED HIM!

Fast forward to this month and what do we have? I went online Tuesday morning only to find that my service has been disabled until I pay the bill.

That is odd, I have around £70.00 (not including my overdraft) in my account so there should have been more than enough to take the £31.99. I telephoned my bank this morning and they had not even made an attempt to take the payment!

That’s right! The direct debit had not been set up, they had not made ANY contact with me or my bank! But they still disabled my service!

Tuesday afternoon, at about 4pm, I phoned them up to pay the bill. I was left on hold for THREE HOURS! I gave up.

Every 30 seconds the music stops and you think you are about to get put through to someone but then you get this irritating women on the line telling you how important your call is to them and how the agents are not sitting about picking their noses!

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