Playing Pool Online

As a fan of playing billiards, pool & snooker I was very pleased when I came across a web site called Billiard Magic, a web site where you can play these types of games against other people from around the world from the comfort of your own home.

I’m a huge fan of pool and it is fantastic that I can now play online pool whenever I wish, although I’ve not had a lot of practice at playing billiards I will certainly be taking advantage of the software’s excellent list of billiard tournaments.

One fine feature is that you can either play for cash or you can play for free, so if you fancy having a couple of frames without wishing to worry about putting any money on the table then this is a great option.

So if you are a fan of billiards, pool (8-ball or 9-ball) or snooker then why not head over to Billiard Magic today and start playing.

Photo by Christian Carollo from FreeImages

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