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Fruit machines have been a regular presence in most pubs in the United Kingdom for as many years as I can care to remember, I would attempt to think of how much money and time I have spent playing these games but I’d probably depress myself.

Now thanks to the internet people like myself do not have to live in their local pub to be able to play slot machine we can do it in the comfort of our own home. Sloterix are one of the oldest slot machine sites on the internet today and with over eight years experience, along with over 100,000 happy customers, they are possibly one of the biggest slot machine sites on the Word Wide web.

They offer a wide range of casino slots games so no matter what feature you like or which type of slots you enjoy, Sloterix will almost certainly have a game suited for your personal taste.

Their website design is sleek and very easy on the eye, everything is laid out so that you will be able to find what you are looking for without having to go on an epic journey. The site not only lists some of the more exciting slot games but they also offer information such as payout amounts and ratings so you can see which ones to avoid.

Their website also contains a brief history on the origins of slots which will possibly be quite interesting to people like me who have a thirst for knowledge.

If you fancy playing slots then why not head over to Sloterix and see if they offer a type of slots that will interest you?

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