Play Games With Phelios

More and more kids are playing computer games these days, be it on a PS3, X-Box, Wii or even on the PC. So it would seem like an excellent idea to get your kids to learn by giving them educational games that they can play on the PC or Mac.

This is what Phelios, Inc are all about. Based in Atlanta, Phelios, Inc create various Download games that are suitable for both kids and adults alike as they make games from shooting to sport to educational to RPG games.

There is nothing quite like sitting at the computer with your son or daughter and watch as he or she plays an educational game and starts learning as they go before your very eyes.

Phelios, Inc do not just make games for the PC, they also make plenty of Macintosh games so more of you can take advantage of their great free an paid games.

Photo by Alex Seifert from FreeImages

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