Plans Going Up In Smoke

I had plans put in place for Saturday. I was going to do a bit of work online, then go to watch Bethnal Green Celtic play a friendly, then I was going to go home to get ready to go out to Jodie’s little birthday thingamabob. All this went out of the window just before I was due to go out Friday night.

My dad telephoned me and told me that he was discharging himself from hospital in the morning and would be coming home Saturday afternoon. He did not want me to go out and made me promise that I would stay in. Which I did like a god little boy.

I cleaned the flat and sat about waiting for him to come home. By about 9pm he still had not turned up and then Sunday morning (yes, fucking Sunday morning!) I get told that he had some sort of panic attack or something and he decided to stay in hospital.

That’s right, I stayed in all day for nothing. And do you know what the worst thing was? The birthday thingamajig apparently had a free bar for a while. JUST FUCKING BRILLIENT! :p

Actually it was not that bad. I got a hell of a lot of work done and there was nobody there to distract me by bossing me around or giving me shit on Facebook.

Photo by Elīna J from FreeImages

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