Phone Suicide

There is still no news on when I will be getting my phone back (I have given the shop a deadline of Wednesday), but as I opened my front door this morning I discovered a mobile phone laying on the outside door mat, it had no back or battery to it and was in such a position that it could not have been dropped from a balcony above. This left me with the scenarios that either someone had dropped it while at my door, or someone had thrown it at my door from the garden gate. Is this God’s way of taunting me? I sense not as one phone being dropped/thrown onto my doorstep is a rather lazy plague.

It wasn’t the phone I had put into a repair shop almost three weeks ago, so it wasn’t the frustrated shop owner hurling my phone at my door because he could not fix the damned thing. I did initially suspect that it might be Reiss because he has a habit of throwing weird objects at my front door.

I fear it will forever remain a mystery.

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