People Are Such Sheep

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]I wanted to buy a magazine today called Metal Hammer. They were giving away a CD with 13 Pantera songs being sung by metal bands (Machine Head, Zacc Wylde, Five Finger Death Punch, etc) to celebrate the five year anniversary of Dimbag’s tragic murder.

My local shop never has it in stock so I ventured into town to a newsagent that always has it, but for some reason they had shrunk their magazine rack and were only stocking porn and nothing else (not even newspapers).

I had too walk around Bethnal Green for about two hours until I finally found a shop that had the magazine in stock. It’s not a new publication either (launched in 1984) and is probably even more respected than NME has ever been (I hate NME).

I walked past a pub called The Old George. This was the pub that I took someone to a while ago and we were forced to flee when a really bad lounge singer took to the stage and started belting out Tom Jones songs in an even worse fake Welsh accent.

We took refuge in a pub further down called The Misty Moon where I had the pleasure of hearing someone chastising his mate for openly admitting calling his wife Tinkerbell when they were in bed. I was also unfairly accused of dancing when in fact I had a rather serious medical condition that made me twitch.

I was not dancing to Billie Myers!

Anyway, now we have that outrageous accusation sorted out I can now tell you how furious I am at the people who are jumping on the campaign bandwagon to get Rage Against The Machine to number one in the UK charts.

I agree with Will’s point that it is a bit of Christmas fun. The thing is there is a growing majority who are not treating it as a bit of harmless fun and are actually going to quite worrying lengths like buying five downloads of the song from five different sites?

It is not just how serious people are treating it that is getting to me, people actually think they are being anarchic and sticking it to the music industry. What many fail to realise is (a) you’re not sticking it to the music industry and (B) we did this a several years ago when My Chemical Romance went to number one.

They also think that the whole thing is very ironic as the song has a verse which says “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” in it and that this is their way of saying to the music industry that they won’t conform to them.

Is it really ironic? No, it isn’t.

The Killing In The Name song, and Rage Against The Machine. Are under the contract of Epic who are owned by Sony Music. Joe’s song will be put out on the Syco label that is owned by Simon Cowell but the parent company is ….. Sony Music.

I’m being very cynical and think this whole thing was not started by a music fan on Facebook, but by someone at Sony Music to boost some sales.

But what has really started to annoy me are the amount of people who think they are incredibly hilarious by making a quote about RATM and then ending with “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”


I went into my local record shop today and asked if they had Rage Against The Machine’s Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium album. The shopkeeper said yes and said that would be £9.99. I replied “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!”


People are so funny.

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