Paying for Last Night

I think I made a mistake drinking last night, maybe my body had got all the toxins out of its system and couldn’t handle the intake of booze, but every 10 minutes or so I had to interrupt my journey to football to seek out a toilet.

It was more difficult than you would imagine, considering there are not many places open at 9am on a Sunday morning that are happy to let customers use their toilet facilities.

The changing rooms at the Wanstead Flats has never seemed more inviting to me!

Thankfully by the time the match started my stomach had started to settle down. I didn’t get to play, which I was rather disappointed about, especially as the striker they went with was absolute cack and was subbed after 20 minutes!

They went on to lose 7-0.

First of the month means sorting out the websites that I run and making sure that the ad networks are working and generally calculating how much I’ve made in the previous month. Annoyingly I had to contact a CPA or two and ask why they have paid me so little when I’ve sent them a ton of traffic and clicks.

I need to stop relying on this kind of method to make me money.

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