Payday Loan Backlash?

I used to invest money in something I like to call peer2peer lending (I was never too sure of what its real name was): basically people want to borrow money so they stake their case and then people like me decide who gets our money, you can decide to put your money into one loan or you can spread it across a number of different loans. I have not invested heavily in this practice, but I did invest a small amount and nearly doubled my money on it so am keen to invest larger amounts, sadly the site I was using has closed down as not enough people in the United Kingdom wanted loans via the site. There isn’t much choice now, in fact I believe the only country with less choice is Canada (See: List of banks and credit unions in Canada ).

There are many rumours running around as to why they have closed down: the most popular one is because of the amount of bad press the payday loans Canada (and others in other countries) have been getting from the media recently regarding the amount of interest they charge their clients, had this spread into other loan areas? Were other cheaper alternatives coming onto the market? Or maybe people are just becoming better at staying out of debt?

I doubt it is the last one to be honest.

As someone who has used payday loans before I can vouch and say that they are not all like the ones that advertise on the TV with their interest rates in the 1000s, maybe that explains why their rates are so high? Maybe they have been forced to charge so much because they spend so much money on TV advertising?

Food for thought.

It was a rather lazy day today as I put my dad in the ambulance (they take him to the dialysis unit three times a week, I didn’t beat him and then call for one) my girlfriend and I went for some breakfast at a local cafe and I forgot that I was scheduled for another run today, I’m no doctor, but I don’t think running after you have eaten a massive full special breakfast is a clever idea. So, instead we walk around Broadway Market and looked at the shops that were open, sadly the stalls were not out, I think they only come out at the weekend, which is a shame because I enjoy perusing their wares.

We popped in to The Hare for a quick drink (well I did, my girlfriend insisted on four halves) before heading home, once home she downed two vodka and cokes and then needed to go and sleep it off while I got on with some work, not that I got much done, her snoring could wake the dead!

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