Paul Chowdhry Is Evil!

Yesterday I traveled to North Finchley to see Paul Chowdhry at the Arts Depot. On paper the traveling from Bethnal Green to North Finchley seemed like it would be the kind of journey normally reserved for explorers going to the North Pole, but it was actually pretty straight forward. Just a case of catching two buses.

On the first bus I sat down in a chair that has one of those notices saying you should give this seat up to a disabled or elderly person. A man with crutches boarded the bus and before I could offer my seat a young lady nearby offered him hers and he declined saying he was getting off in a couple of stops.

I thought it would be pointless offering him my seat now so I didn’t, the entire bus glared at me until we got to Holloway. In their eyes I was an evil cunt who would not give up his seat to someone with crutches. 🙂

I got lost but in typical alky fashion I managed to find my way to the Tally Ho pub and popped in for a quick pint. I thought the woman behind the bar had made a mistake when she charged me £1.50 for a pint of Black Adder but then I remembered it was a Wetherspoons and they have cheap prices to encourage binge drinking.

I made a ‘friend’ while I was in there. Some bloke collecting glasses wondered over every 10 minutes to talk to me like he knew me for years. I have no idea who is he but he thought we were best pals. I thought it best just to humour him rather than be rude.

The show was good. I had to use the loo during his set and apparently that was the moment when he did my favourite gag of his. The heartless bastard. I bet he waited for that moment!

After the show I went back to The Tally Ho and thought I might as well see out the evening in there rather than go to another pub, because I’m lazy. A group came in who were already drunk and wasted no time in downing more shots and getting very loud.

I could hear them from the other side of the pub, I could actually hear what they were saying. I now know one of the women in the group has a vagina so large it is like the Channel Tunnel and another has not had sex in over a year & is gagging for it. Not sure why the entire pub needed to know these two pieces of information.

They soon were not content with being loud, they wanted to add something else to it and this came in the form of groping men as they walked past. They were occupying a table near the toilets and from where I was sitting you had to go past them if you wanted to go outside, to the bar or to the toilet.

The two 60 year olds that were sitting near me loved it though, they got up as often as they could to get molested by the cackling group of large drunk women.

I stayed until midnight when the place closed. I did not fancy going home yet so I was standing outside when I saw a group come out and start deciding on where they could carry on their night. I followed them like a drunken alky stalker as they led me to another pub that stayed open till 2am. I was not the only one. Some people were following me following the group.

About 2:30 I thought it was about time I went home.

It is nice to go to a different part of London and frequent some of the pubs. On Wednesday I am meant to be going to another part of Finchley (Finchley Central) to a new comedy show. I say ‘meant’ because I’m actually wondering if I should as someone pointed out to me that it is a bit weird I am going all that way just to see some new comics I’ve never heard of before.

But then again it was probably weird that I stayed in Finchley when everyone else I know was at a birthday bash in Angel. I enjoyed it though, except the groping …. OK, maybe a little.

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