Operation Make Dad Use Door Chain Is Ongoing

Well my dad is still refusing the use the chain on his front door, he really does believe that he will be able to stop someone from barging him out of the way and into the flat. I’m not sure how else to get through to him, especially when I go away for the night or the weekend and he is in the flat alone.

He opened the door the other day without checking, this time it was just a guy wishing to leave a couple of inkjet printers for the people in the flat next door as they were not home. My stupid dog would not be any use, she’d probably either watch or lick the intruder.

On the plus side the flat is slowly starting to come along now, we are now working on the garden. The grass has all been dug up and fresh turf is being laid down, the shed is now jammed full of shit and his precious fence has been mended.

The only major problem we have now is the dustmen refuse to take our wheelie bin because the stupid council gave us the wrong kind of bin. It is now full of rubbish bags and has half a dozen bags surrounding it. Twice a week they will walk up to it, open the lid, look inside, close the lid and walk to the next flat.

You can’t miss our flat, it’s the one that stinks! :)

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