Online Backgammon

Although backgammon is one of the oldest games in the world (there are records that state that the ancient Egyptian’s used to play a version of it) it is only recently that we have seen a spike rise in the amount of people playing the board & dice game online that is online backgammon. offers information on backgammon tournaments.

The website offers a nice design and the page links are easily located along the top part of the page so there is no hunting involved. The website also offers a page on the basics of the game, this is perfect for new players who wish to get to grips with the rules before they play.

Unlike other sites Mister-Gammon does not discriminate against non-English speaking people from playing the game as their site has English, Italian, Turkish, Israeli, Greek, German and Danish languages available.

So if playing backgammon online sounds like your type of thing then why not check them out today.

Photo by Trisha Shears from FreeImages

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