Oh Look, Another Tube Strike

I had won an auction on Ebay for two football kits, four corner flags & two goal nets. I arranged with the seller for me to go and pick them up this evening, little did I anticipate that the fucking Tube would go on strike again.

The greediness of these people meant that I had to pay £25 to pick them up in a mini cab instead. It would have cost me £50, but I travelled to the seller’s home on foot – Bethnal Green to Leyton is walkable if you know where you are going, but not with three big heavy bags).

It took a while for him to answer the door as he was apparently in the garden. He then proceeded to bring the stuff out to the cab for me and I discovered along with the two football kits, four corner flags & two goal nets he had also thrown in a third kit, some footballs, a set of training bibs, training cones and some old football boots.

It made me feel a little bit better about having to fork out £25.

Apparently this time it isn’t about money (which makes a fucking change because it normally is), apparently this time it is about their reluctance to work nights as it is unhealthy and will hurt their social life.

Listen, you get paid £42k a year (starting salary, raises to £65k) to drive a fucking train while nurses saves lives for less and soldiers defend our country for less, do the job or don’t do the job. If you want to do the job then sit your fat arse down and fucking work!

Photo by Mee Lin Woon from FreeImages

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