Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

I get bored quite easily on train journeys so I normally stop at my local newsagent to pick up a magazine to read. Tonight I could not find anything that I normally pick up (Nuts, Zoo, PowerSlam, Private Eye, Viz, etc) and as I stood there desperately scanning the shelves I came across a magazine that I had not read since I was a boy.

It was called Shoot. As a schoolboy I would buy this along with another one called Match every weekend with my pocket money and would spend hours in my room, or on the sofa in the front room, reading each issue from cover to cover.

It was thanks to these magazines that I first found my love of play-by-mail football games, a love that I sadly still indulge in to this day.

I was eager to see how the magazine had evolved and boy was I in for a disappointment. The woman sitting opposite me on the train found it very amusing as my face slowly dropped as I read something that even a stupid eight year old would be embarrassed to be seen reading.

The writing in the magazine was obviously aimed at readers under the age of 10.

What has happened to a magazine that every football fan would buy? At one point it was the most popular football magazine and did great columns, interviews and interesting news items. Now it is a gibbering wreck and should be taken out back and put to sleep like an old dog in one of those American films.

And they have the nerve to charge £1.80 for it!

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