Now Carry Your Presentation In A Variety Of Multimedia Formats

It is a mess when you are trying to keep your presentation for future to be used in various types of devices and platforms. This is because presentations, especially, PowerPoint, is not compatible with so many types of platforms and devices operating in the corporate market. There is, however, a solution to this by converting these slides into other more common formats like video, audio, etc. Yes, it might sound a little uninteresting and even surprising at first, but, you can still make out the same from the impression that a presentation creates using a video clip of it. There might be instances when you would like to send it as a video clip for uploading to your official YouTube channel or watch it on your phone and it is a dilemma while trying to convert between these formats.

One Stop Solution To All is a site which lists reviews of latest software and makes blog posts of useful tools in an internet based life. Movavi has created a ppt to video converter that accomplishes a solution to a long-standing problem. The latest product from their house is a PowerPoint To Video Converter which can convert between various video formats, mobile device compatible formats and compatible with various websites in the form of embedded videos.

Converting To Videos

There might be many instances when you would like to convert your presentation into a video for creating a far more impressive and persuasive first impact on your customers. It is always more convenient to play a video than to keep pushing slides and it gives you the freedom to create fluent storyboards using slides and converting everything to a video. It supports large number of industry standard formats for Linux, Windows readable formats and also for storage on DVDs.

Convert To Mobile

This is an era of smartphones and with larger screens people would like to do some of their work while travelling or on the go. Suppose you want to rehearse your presentation on the go, but it is impossible to do this on your computer but now you can do this with your phone. Using Movavi PowerPoint To Video Converter, you can easily convert your slides to the device you are using irrespective of the OS and screen resolution.

Convert To Embedded Presentations

It is always wonderful to embed your presentations into a website or whether on your blog just beside your article. This can be so interesting and influencing when someone comes to read your article because it is so much more engaging for people who do not like reading so many lines and keep scrolling through the page.

There can be many other things that can be done using this software like recording your audio, or adding a custom track to the slides to create a beautiful presentation video. There are many things that can be customisable for timing, slide duration, output video settings to make a user-specific presentation.

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