Not The Best Start To 2009

Days Without Alcohol: 3

Despite only having two hours sleep I braved the weather conditions and went to work today. Today was my first and last day as an Informa employer.

I had been moved to a new desk on a new floor as ‘The Grass’ had returned from his holiday and wanted his desk back (the one I was using). So I gathered up my things and went searching for my new home.

I got hopelessly lost as nobody told me where my new desk was. All I knew was it was on the 6th floor and was next to Aneesh and a guy called Hasnat.

I ended up on the 6th floor walking up and down the huge room filled with desks about eight or nine times before I decided to wait near the lift for Hasnat or Aneesh and then follow them.

They did not appear so I walked up and down the room once more and decided to text Wayne to ask if Tahreem was in yet. I looked up to see a bald man right in my face who began demanding why I was walking up and down the room ‘looking dodgy’.

I tried to explain I was moved to the floor and could not locate my desk but the guy did not care and simply asked again who I was and why I was walking around ‘looking dodgy’.

I showed him my visitor pass but he said that this proved nothing. I lost my temper and we exchanged a few words before he said that he was going to call security and have them throw my arse out of the building.

I decided to go home but as I got to the station I changed my mind and decided to go for a walk but had no money so I asked Wayne to bring my cards down and as I went through the door of the building the security guard looked over in my direction and got out of his seat. Luckily I had my cards and was outside before he had time to get around the desk.

Obviously I was not going to be let back into the building so I went home.

Wayne sent me a message saying the boss wanted me in at 9am the next day so we could find this guy and sort this out, just like when we were kids and the teacher made you point out the bully who hit you.

I decided to go home while I thought a few things through:

1. My three month contract is up and I don’t think I’ve done enough to earn a new one, especially with the new database not allowing us to hit our targets.

2. The company is going to release more than half the researchers and since I’m not a great one I’m definitely on the list.

3. I hate the job and find it absolutely soul destroying.

4. The people who I work alongside are mostly utter cunts of the highest order.

I decided that I did not want to have to face the embarrassment of standing in front of about sixty people while my boss demands I point out the guy who I had words with. So I sent an email to my boss telling her what happened and that I was quitting the company immediately.

Although I will have to find another job (having quit my job I can’t claim benefits for a long time) It still feels nice knowing I don’t have to spend all day being told to fuck off in weird accents.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

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